We are here to create the cloud connected Startups and SMEs of tomorrow, welcome to the future.

work life balance

Work life balance is so important nowadays, but how easy is this to achieve with the increasing demand from the external customer for products and services instantly. This same expectation comes from internal customers, with professionals having to manage the expectation of key stakeholders continuously. Are we able to meet the deadlines and produce all the outputs required by the business, quickly and accurately enough? Are we in a position to provide the value-added services our customer needs?

Why are we here?

SimpleInsight was founded in 2018 based with a single mission: to encourage startups, small and medium sized enterprises within the Technology, Financial technology and Creative industry sectors to adopt cloud and digital technology, from a finance and data perspective.


Digitisation is here now, and the pace of change is faster than any other revolution that has gone before. We would like to help businesses truly transform using cloud and digital technology as an enabler for change.


The workplace has become a busier place, with employees being asked to do more on the backdrop of a lack of resources and outdated processes and technology. Have we taken advantage of everything that we can use to make our lives easier? Do we have the time to reflect and improve our own working situation?

moving forward

Working smarter in the next revolution will be the way forward, as trying to work harder without thought and planning, may lead to unnecessary stress in the digital age. Manual processes will not survive, along with a mentality of silo working and the inability to be open to change.