Who We Can Help!

The tech ecosystem in the UK, Europe and beyond is such that certain groups of people are underfunded and underrepresented. At SimpleInsight, we are here to help those people who are continually left behind, especially black startup founders, female startup founders and LGBTQ+ startup founders. The tech ecosystem has realised that diversity is important, but will it act and put its money into companies led by these groups? Talk is cheap, and investment into diverse groups is everything, to help build our inclusive future in technology, as everyone belongs to be involved in helping to shape the future of technology.

✦ Black Founders

Many articles have been written about the lack of funding for black founders in the tech ecosystem. What is required now, is action and investment for these founders on a vast scale, to improve diversity within the ecosystem.

Extend Ventures released a comprehensive report in November 2020 called “Diversity Beyond Gender”.

If you are a black tech founder and haven’t read this report, please sign up and download the report.

Being a black tech founder can sometimes be a lonely journey, but understand that SimpleInsight will forever support the change needed to improve the level of funding received by black tech founders. We are here to support you and your business.

We want to hear from black tech founders from all over the UK and be part of a tech ecosystem that knows diversity is profitable and invests in its future.

✦ Female Founders

Women founders continue to find difficulty in raising capital in the tech ecosystem.

Some of the key findings from the “UK VC and Female Founders” report undertaken by the British Business Bank in partnership with Diversity VC and the BVCA

  • “for every £1 of venture capital (VC) investment in the UK, all-female founder teams get less than 1p, all-male founder teams get 89p, and mixed-gender teams 10p.”
  • “venture capital investment in startups with female founders is increasing, but progress is very slow. At current rates, for all-female teams to reach even 10% of all deals will take more than 25 years (until 2045).”
  • “83% of deals that UK VCs made last year had no women at all on the founding teams.”

We would like to hear from women tech founders from all over the UK. SimpleInsight is here to support as many female tech founders in the ecosystem as possible, to help prove that the above findings don’t have a place in our future society, and that change and investment must happen at a faster rate.

✦ LGBTQ+ Founders

The LGBTQ+ founders report is the first UK-produced report of its kind, which looks at the difficulty the LGBTQ+ community is having raising investment. Not enough is being done to create a safe space within the tech ecosystem to support LGBTQ+ founders.

As a result, the report highlights the following:-

“75% of LGBTQ+ founders reported concealing their identity from investors.”

“Just ⅓ of investors who said they were taking action to support ‘diverse’ founders were doing anything to support LGBTQ+ founders.”

“Our data showed that gay founders raised 2.25x more than bisexual and 22x more than lesbian founders and cis men founders raised 2.5x more than cis women founders and 10x more than trans founders.”

At SimpleInsight, we are here to support the startups of the LGBTQ+ community. Discrimination in all forms is unacceptable, and this report has a harrowing message when intersectionality is considered and VC responses are dissected.

If you are from the LGBTQ+ community please feel free to get in touch. We would love to help you scale your business and we will reserve a safe space for you.

Next Steps

Step 1

Understanding the issues – This will consist of an initial meeting to understand all the issues facing the business, so that at the end, we can really understand which areas need to be addressed and why.

Step 2

Agreeing the problem – Following the first meeting, it is important that we form a common understanding of the problems encountered, with the next stage being to prioritise the most important areas for investigation, based on the agreement of the underlying issues.

Step 3

Providing a solution – Here we will provide a summary of the agreed problem and the potential solutions via a proposal. If we agree on how we should proceed at this stage, we can formalise the terms of engagement which will include timelines and pricing for the work to be completed.