Business Planning

Business Planning is an important exercise when attracting funding and will usually be required over a three year period. We can help to provide the financials to support your pitch deck and help you add more strategic content. We will help you populate your business plan, with year 1 becoming your budget for the current year.

The budget is monitored by our Digital Finance Business Partner service with a monthly review looking at budgeted vs actual performance.

Cashflow Monitoring

One of the most vital parts of any business is cashflow, especially for startups and SMEs. This service will use a leading platform to provide you with a cashflow forecast.

The cashflow monitoring service comes with a monthly session for an hour, to help you understand your current and future position to enhance short and medium-term decision-making.

Process Monitoring, Mapping & Standardisation

This service involves reviewing a process that has become too slow or complicated. Sometimes startups and SMEs do not take stock of what has been built over time to provide a particular service to a customer. What must happen with all processes is that they are monitored to ensure they function efficiently. Processes can become clunky and inefficient. So, it is always best to continually monitor all your key processes to ensure they are performing to their optimum. A new standardised process will be produced, documented, and implemented, with training being provided for all users.


Whenever processes are created or standardised, or a new app is added to your ecosystem. Be sure that full training to maximise the benefits of your new process or app is on hand. We will also continue to seek feedback on your usage to ensure the necessary efficiencies are taking place. Apps are continually being updated so we will keep abreast of the new features and highlight anything that will bring further efficiencies to your business.

Cloud Accounting Onboarding

Let us get you into the cloud using Xero or QuickBooks, the platform of choice for most startups and SMEs, helping to set you up so you are utilising the best features of the cloud accounting platform from day one.

Cloud App Support

Being close to your business, we are in a great position to support your app ecosystem. Rather than dealing with multiple people from different platform providers. One point of contact for your ecosystem makes it easy for you to manage and we take a holistic view in terms of support and expansion.

Platform Optioneering

Many startups and SMEs use Xero or QuickBooks in their accounting journey. Ecosystems exist around these cloud accounting products. Our service will help you review Xero, QuickBooks, or any other accounting platform for your business. We also review non-accounting systems to ensure they can provide the efficiency your business requires to serve your customer.

Cloud Ecosystem Build

Platforms like Xero and QuickBooks have an extensive app ecosystem. This service allows for the exploration and recommendation of apps that will connect with your accounting platform, to enable you to work more efficiently. We will recommend, test, and connect apps from the ecosystem to your existing cloud platform, to help you build an application stack to serve your startup or SME.