Digital Badges ✶

Continuous Development

It is a requirement as a CIMA member to maintain our development. This becomes even more apparent in the digital age ,as the tools needed to perform change with innovative technologies develop. Over time digital badges will appear as a record of achievements gained or the renewal of memberships acquired.

CIMA Member in Practice (MiP)

CIMA members in practice are governed by a set of rules that ensure best practice and protection of the public. Members in practice are chartered management accountants in professional practice who provide accounting services to all types of businesses but are not direct employees. They are registered and regulated in accordance with the CIMA regulations (Byelaw 8). They must be licensed to practice by holding a current CIMA practising certificate.

Xero Advisor Certified

We provide onboarding services to companies who wish to use Xero. One of the most popular platforms for small businesses, with an extensive ecosystem of over 700 apps to choose from. All enabling streamline business processes and high levels of productivity. As Xero certified advisors, we can help with creating an environment that is free from paper in the cloud. Get in touch even if you have Xero currently, for a review of how best to expand your companies cloud ecosystem.

QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor

We provide onboarding services to companies who wish to use QuickBooks. Another well-known platform for small businesses used by 4.5 million users worldwide. If you are already in the cloud, are you working productively? Are your clients happy with how they use QuickBooks? If the answer is no to either of these questions, for you or your clients get in touch, as we can help you become more productive using the QuickBooks platform.


We are certified Digital Leaders, here to help you investigate the uses of emerging technologies. These technologies are becoming more commonplace in our everyday lives. Their convergence will help to shape our future world. Give us a call to understand how these technologies can be applied to your workplace. We can help with the investigation into digital use cases for future application.


Using the THRIVE principles of Transformation, Holistic, Response, Innovation, Value and Enterprise, we are able to guide you on your transformation journey. The mindset of the leaders, culture of the organisation and its transformation capability, along with governance, the ability to respond to disruption and create value internally and externally are all very important. The need for transformation to be driven by strategic goals helps in the challenges mentioned above. Technology gives the opportunity to innovate and transform, but this must be combined with a clear leadership mindset and a collaborative and open organisational culture to reap the rewards in this digital age.