Data Analytics

This service helps a company build a visual dashboard to help control the key areas of the business. We will help you decide what KPIs are important to your business, or if already established, map out how we measure these and implement a process of data collection. Ensuring data integrity is of paramount importance to help provide data-driven decisions.

Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation is becoming more important, with growing volumes of data being collected by companies. As businesses gain a competitive advantage by adopting a data strategy to gain effective insight from their data. This service will help an organisation understand how data flows and use the appropriate cloud platforms to enable the visualisation of data to improve decision-making.

Digital Finance Business Partner

This service provides a digital finance business partner to a startup or SME. Building on the forecasting of cash and the creation of a business plan, this service includes a monthly review of the company’s progress against its targets. This service is provided using cloud platforms that will connect with your accounting system and produce management reports for discussion at your monthly meeting.